Are you ready to hire a graphic designer?

I ask my potential clients this right off the bat. Truth is, I don’t want to waste your money and both of our time going through rounds and rounds of proofing. I’ve developed a way to make things run more streamlined so you’re not paying out the ass and I’m not working for next to nothing (did I mention I’m super straightforward??).

Here is what you should have ready before you hire me (or any designer for that matter) to create your branding:

  • At least 3 examples of logos you’ve seen that you really like and a brief explanation of what you like about each one.
  • Any fonts/font styles you are fond of. You don’t have to know the name, just show us an example so we can know what to work with. Most of us are really good at font matching, we do this stuff every day.
  • The colour scheme you have in mind, and any colours that you really want to avoid. It doesn’t have to be exact but a starting point is really helpful. There’s nothing worse than finding a lovely shade for you logo to find out it’s your competitor’s colour or you just hate that colour for whatever reason.
  • A budget. I am doing my best to offer affordable packages for those of you just starting out, I’ve been there (well, I’m still there really), so I totally get it. But please remember, you get what you pay for. There are websites that offer “cheap” design services, $5 logos, etc. On most of those sites you’re really just exploiting a worker in a third world country. More often than not they use stock logos that several other businesses worldwide are also using. A reputable graphic designer will take the time to ensure your logo is unique and accurately represents your brand.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email and I would be happy to respond.

So, are you ready to hire a designer?


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